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Tn Childsupport Summary

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Tennessee Child Support Guidelines at a Glance While reading the actual statute is important, it can also be helpful to read an overview of the laws. In the following table, you'll find both an overview of child support guidelines in Tennessee as well as links to applicable statutes.

TN Child Support Payment Summary Login is a service that allows the members to access their account. The login portal is backed by the Tennessee department of human services. Only members can access their account by using the online login portal. The child support login is offered both to the

Tennessee Code Annotated Section 34-1-102 (b) states that parents shall continue to be responsible for the support of each child for whom they are responsible after the child reaches eighteen (18) years of age if the child is in high school.

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The Tennessee Way2Go Card, which is a MasterCard Debit Card, is issued to custodial parents to access their child support payments. This process provides the custodial parent a safe, convenient and secure way to receive child support payments.